This Couple Is Embarking on a 30-Day Sex Challenge. Here’s What That Means

Shot of an affectionate young couple lying under a blanket together in their bedroom

Some people try a 30-day sugar detox. Others commit to a month-long push-up or plank challenge. And then there’s the couple behind Reddit account TryAnything3Timese: The duo is experimenting with a 30-day sex challenge to break out of their romantic comfort zones, and they’re sharing their plan with the Internet.

“We are starting a 30 Day Sex Challenge this Friday based on a list from a friend and lists we have found online,” the couple wrote in a post last week on Reddit’s r/sex forum. They described their sexy plans for each day of the month in detail, adding that exceptions might be made for “[p]eriods, holidays, business travel” and that “condoms and birth control should be used when desired or required.” 

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