OUR GOAL: National, Youth, Fashion, Music and Art Is aimed at promoting African cultural values, fashion trends, music and talents to the world thereby creating an endless ripple of employment for the Nigerian youths who are seeking to participate in the entertainment sector.

Our mission: is to organize events and concepts that will promote Africa cultural values, thereby on the long run support the Nigerian Government with its tourism revamping and re-energizing program and not to create employment through the entertainment sector to our Nigerian youth.
However, we would like to collaborate with the federal ministry of art and culture; State ministers of art and culture with any other relevant NGO to promote art and culture.

The pioneers of the show after much in depth thinking, observations and studies came to conclusion that the African culture is grabbing the attention of the western world. We have observed how non African countries have started showing interests in our fashion trends, our delicacies and our sense of music are being recognized on big music platforms in fact, globally recognized labels like Sony Music Entertainment and so on, are reckoning with our musical activities, and this simply means that NOW is the best time to let them know the Nigerian culture have far more to offer to the world with this platform, this is the best time to LOCALIZE the GLOBAL.

Fact is during concerts, festivals, events and even smaller gatherings the youths are always the ones responsible for the set up, performances, concepts not to forget those who come to watch and cheer. We are inspired youths with confidence, precision and vision inclined. What we intend to do is bring to life those bright visions of our youth by infusing concerts, our fashion models, our culture, trends, and delicacies to champion a big festival.

Based on our intentions, we are expecting to have a massive outreach and a massive response in terms of participation and attendance, this when properly explored would serve as a marketing exposition where different brands involved and associated with us will definitely be promoted and endorsed by us there by creating an avenue for profit maximization through a platform for merchandising and display of brands and product

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