What you need to know about Pastor Kingsley Innocent aka Talknado

Alot of questions has been going on from many people all around the world trying to find out about Talknado.  Recently,  I found out that some people searched my blog to find out about Talknado, then I feel there’s need for me to write an article on the Man Of God.

Here I will start by telling you some of the things I know about him.

Pastor Kingsley Innocent aka Talknado is the founder of the non-denominational Prophetic Outreach known as Bible Believing Mission Inc. located in Osisioma- Portharcourt Expressway, Aba- Abia State, Nigeria.

He’s a renowned Christian and Prophet Of High Function. He’s also the One Carrying the Prophetic Mandate Of the God Of Talknado. He’s a trained horse that’s not afraid of battle, Spiritually and physically speaking but as humble as a child. He’s a great terror to the kingdom of darkness. A Servant Of the Most High God. Extremely fearless of the devil and his corhorts. God’s representative sent to clean the tears of many through the systematic approach of the Word of God and restorer of hope to the hopeless through God’s Word.

Now the question that rings in the minds of people is what is Talknado? Why the name of all names?

I will tell you:

Biblically speaking, every Prophet that walked on earth has the name they choose to call their God “Our God”.

Moses called Him “God Of Moses; Elijah called Him “God Of Elijah”; Elisah called Him “God Of Elisah”, and so did many other Prophets did had and even now still have a particular name they love to call God. Pastor Kingsley Innocent chooses to call God  ” God Of Talk Na Do”.

God Of Talknado simply means, that God that decrees a thing and it comes to pass. That same God that said ‘Let there be light, and there was light’!

He realised that God does not allow his words to fall to the ground unfulfilled, he then decided to call Him God Of Talk Na Do, which in English will be pronounced as God Of Talk And Do. God’s talking is equivalent to His doing.

He is only but the Servant Of God , a Prophet Of High Function. The only thing that differentiates him with the other Prophets is based on Spiritual ranking and office.

He preaches and applys the Word Of God in the lives of men and women which brings about the speedily results called Miracles. God uses him to restore hope to the hopeless, healing to sick and all manner of diseases as well as restoring destinies that were being thwarted by the devil especially in this part of the world. He’s actually a product for global consumption,  teaching men how to apply God’s Word into their lives for a positive outcome of which am also a testimony of it.

His Ministerial Office

Every Man called by God has a Spiritual office he or she is occupying in the realm of the Spirit. And that is the line God expects he or she to strictly operate  at the physical. That’s the reason why you must not expect a Man called by God to behave in a certain way or manner others operates.

Talknado’s Prophetic ministerial calling is based on the book of Isaiah Chapter 11:1-5. Read it to learn more about him.

This is why he can say in the next 5 minutes you will receive a call for a great financial outburst and it will be so. And mind you, the devil does not know how to give good gifts nor restore the lost. Only the name of Jesus Christ can save you!

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